Delta boarding zones

Something I forgot on Cali. notes:

If you fly Delta at all, you”re familiar with their boarding zones. Zone 1 is first class, Zone 2 is for SkyMiles people with a bunch of miles, then – as far as I understood – Zones 3 – 8 are for everybody else, and the zones are sections of the plane. The idea being that the zone setup makes boarding more efficient than the groups of rows like they used to have.

So coming out on Tuesday, I was in the back of the plane (Row 47) and was in Zone 3. Sometime during the flight, I glanced over at the guy sitting next to me, who had his boarding pass sticking out of his shirt pocket. And despite being on the same row (and adjacent seat) as me, I could see his was marked Zone 6.

What, therefore, gives? I”ve been flying a whole lot on Delta in the past year, but I”m not Medallion yet (I have 15,000 qualifying miles). Could it be a secret benefit for people like me who are good customers but not Medallion? I suppose maybe it”s by design, but I can”t imagine why they”d do it that way.


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