The Kills at The EARL

So TCL and I ended up catching The Kills last night at The EARL. With their set not kicking until 12:15 on a Thursday night, the other potential attendees pooned.

They were as advertised and expected; which was somewhat of a disappointment. Their records are completely minimalist, and the live show pretty much re-creates the recorded vibe. And while using digital tracks on a record isn”t so bad for a two-person outfit, plugging a lot of bass and syth tracks into the little machine sitting on stage seems a bit like a crutch.

If Jack White and Dexter Romweber can pull off live shows with just a cheap guitar and a drummer, The Kills should be able to get by with two guitars and a drum track.

But, then again, The Kills are probably 55% “art” and 45% music. I read a preview of their show in Orlando this morning in which the experience was described in part as:

“As the show goes on, Mosshart and Hince inch closer to each other, gradually slipping into a combustible reverie that seems to shut out everything else. Eyes lock across microphones that now face each other, sexual tensions and emotional obsessions voiced with vitriolic urgency in such songs as “Kissy Kissy” or the new two-part “I Hate the Way You Love” and “Love Is a Deserter.”"

I remember one point in the show where they put the mics across from each other, but this whole theatrical subtext was lost on me, I guess. I was there for some rock “n roll.

And, of course, to check out Alison Mosshart. She”s like the female equivalent of an Eddie Vedder or somebody – objectively not necessarily all that good-looking, but by virtue of her being a rock chick, she”s freaking hot.

And she certainly lived up to that.

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