The Gauntlet II, starring Eric Robert Rudolph

There”s a great Hollywood-type event that”s going to be played out in Alabama and Georgia today. The Feds have to get pissed-off Christian bomber Eric Robert Rudolph from a Birmingham courthouse to one here in Atlanta (so he can cop pleas to his bombings), and then back to his cell in Birmingham.

John Law fears potential problems both from pro-abortion and/or pro-gay and/or pro-Olympic Park concert people who might want to kill Rudolph and from Christians and/or anti-abortion and/or anti-gay and/or anti-Olympic Park concert people who might want to liberate Rudolph – or maybe also kill him as a martyr.

Where”s Clint Eastwood when you need him?

Word on the street is that the Feds will likely use decoys, diversions and other tactics to throw potential wackos off the trail. The convoy of cops that will no doubt be seen on I-20 today might have Rudolph with them, or maybe he”s on an FBI plane landing at Peachtree DeKalb Airport. Or maybe there will be two planes – or three – all landing at different Atlanta airports and deplaning in secret inside hangars. Maybe each flight will be followed by a convoy to the courthouse, with Rudolph riding in one of them – perhaps.

Could be they”re all decoys and Rudolph actually travels in the back of a lone minivan driven by an FBI agent who happens to resemble a soccer mom.

I hope some screenwriter is taking notes on this. It should be fun.

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