Root down – continued

I don”t look to make The Wisdom a sounding board for my personal life (I prefer to set the standard for online commentary about weighty issues of the day – that or writing about my Mac Mini), but for those of you closely following The Cap”n”s adventures in dentistry …

I went back in yesterday to have the cotton holding the guts of my soul-less tooth together replaced with a permanent “filling”. But, as it turns out, “filling” is not an accurate description of what now lives within my least-favorite molar.

“Rebar” is perhaps a more accurate description. I don”t know if this is standard for root canals, but what was required to stabilize my cracked-to-the-core molar was a dozen or so little rods driven through the tooth void deep into my jaw.

It didn”t really hurt when they did it, but a day later it still kind of feels like I got in a barfight. And now I get to spend a month with a semi-complete tooth fix so we can see if the rebar takes and firms everything up before the crown goes on.

That means there”s still a chance the tooth will have to come out, which would kind of suck after all I”ve been through to save the bastard.

[editor"s note: The Cap"n erroneously reported - and believed - that this procedure was to have taken place a week ago. The Cap"n regrets any inconvenience this may have caused readers of The Wisdom and also regrets making a pointless trip to the dentist"s office, especially since The Gap wasn"t having a sale. The Cap"n will no longer attempt to understand appointment dates while under the influence of novocaine.]

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