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And now it can be said

With Jennifer Wilbanks having shown up this morning – alive – in New Mexico after she r-u-n-n-o-f-t from her wedding, I now feel OK in letting loose a bit of Wisdom on her. This girl is freaky looking. What the hell is with those eyes? Don”t look directly at her!!! I think the real surprise [...]

Someone get to Rome and save Katie!

It struck me this morning when I saw the new set of Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes pictures from Rome that this “relationship” isn”t merely some crappy/creepy Hollywood publicity stunt – Katie”s been kidnapped! Cruise”s people, apparently desperately seeking some kind of relevance for the small man, must have snatched Katie right off of the [...]

No, Katie, no

So Katie Holmes is doing Tom Cruise now … There”s a couple of ways I, as someone actively lusting after Katie (with the wife”s halfhearted approval), can look at this: 1) Ewwwww! Tom Cruise? That little man is gross; I”d not take his seconds. 2) Dude, Tom Cruise is 42. I”m 38. And I”m about [...]

Best moment of the NFL Draft

Yeah, it was fun watching Aaron Rodgers slip (and slip … and slip … and slip), and as an SEC homer I liked seeing Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams going 2/5 (and Marcus Spears at 20 … and 10 SEC guys in the first round), but the absolute coolest thing of the day was Matt [...]

Stephen King, music thief

So I guess the RIAA will be dispatching a team of lawyers to sue horrormaster Stephen King for illegal music distribution. In his latest Entertainment Weekly column, King proudly admits to downloading (presumably legally) and then redistributing music to friends are relatives: “I”ve made close to 40 CDs for friends and relatives in the 18 [...]

Delta boarding zones

Something I forgot on Cali. notes: If you fly Delta at all, you”re familiar with their boarding zones. Zone 1 is first class, Zone 2 is for SkyMiles people with a bunch of miles, then – as far as I understood – Zones 3 – 8 are for everybody else, and the zones are sections [...]

Notes from California

Question: What do you call a laptop computer with a non-functioning battery and no power supply? Answer: An expensive paperweight. Yes, I forgot to pack my power supply before heading west on Tuesday. So I get to the hotel planning to get some work done only to be met with the “doh!” moment of realization [...]

A Catholic who believes in Catholicism?

I love that there”s controversy circling around Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the pick-a-pope conclave gets underway in the Vatican. Ratzinger”s comments about “a dictatorship of relativism” is coming under fire from some Catholics as being – apparently – too Catholic. What the good Cardinal said, in effect, is that Catholics should follow Catholicism. You know, [...]

The Kills at The EARL

So TCL and I ended up catching The Kills last night at The EARL. With their set not kicking until 12:15 on a Thursday night, the other potential attendees pooned. They were as advertised and expected; which was somewhat of a disappointment. Their records are completely minimalist, and the live show pretty much re-creates the [...]

The Gauntlet II, starring Eric Robert Rudolph

There”s a great Hollywood-type event that”s going to be played out in Alabama and Georgia today. The Feds have to get pissed-off Christian bomber Eric Robert Rudolph from a Birmingham courthouse to one here in Atlanta (so he can cop pleas to his bombings), and then back to his cell in Birmingham. John Law fears [...]

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