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Bud Extra

Apparently the good folks over at Anheuser-Busch are not content with the more than two dozen mostly crappy beer varieties they currently have on the market. The problem? Not a single one of these brews contains caffeine, guarana or ginseng. The solution? Bud Extra, or as the kids call it “B to the E” [editor"s [...]

My multifunctional Mac Mini

The upside of coming home early from New York was that I was able to get over to FedEx and pick up the miracle box that is Mac Mini. After just a day, Mini has weaved its way nicely into the PC/Entertainment mix at The Wisdom Household: • Mini plugged right in to the DVI [...]

A culinary tour of New York

Yesterday, the wife and I were lucky enough to enjoy two of our favorite New York eateries in one day. For breakfast, we had hot dogs from a vendor in Battery Park, and for lunch we hit the city”s best sandwich shop – Peanut Butter & Co. in Greenwich Village. “The lady will have The [...]


I had some free time yesterday morning while the wife was in a conference session, so I decided to hit the streets for a bit. We were staying between Rockefeller Center and Central Park, so I headed up to the park and then back down 5th Avenue. Before we got up to town, I asked [...]

Mini’s world tour

I got an email from Apple yesterday informing me that my Mac Mini has shipped. I”ve got the FedEx tracking number, so I”ve been watching her progress. Mini will be at my door by 10:30 a.m. on March 7. And she only started her journey today, at the FedEx ramp in Shenzhen, China. And tonight, [...]

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