A day without significant pain (so far)

I”m so over this whole “massive pain” thing, I really don”t want to continue writing about it. But for all you loyal Wisdom readers concerned about the health of Cap”n Ken, here”s the short roundup:

- After going to the second dentist, who didn”t give me any new meds or whatnot, the jaw pain went away, but it was replaced by massive pressure and pain in the higher part of my head. Imagine the pressure that would build up in your head if someone had fastened a belt tightly around your neck. That”s what I felt like.

- By Tuesday night, this was so painful that my codeine was doing nothing, and despite being on codeine / regular Tylenol, I began running a fever. I agreed with the wife that this was not good, so she actually took me to the emergency room at Piedmont Hospital. Six hours there got me a CAT scan, a refusal to treat the obviously-spreading infection (because it started as a dental problem and they didn”t have a dentist in the ER), and a prescription for Demerol.

- I actually got to sleep a bit Tuesday night thanks to the Demerol, from about 2:30 to 8. First time in 5 nights I got more than about 20 minutes of sleep.

- Went to see my own doctor yesterday, who quickly determined my infection had spread and that my antibiotics weren”t working. And unlike the ER doctor, she was willing to do something about it. A prescription for the ultra-powerful Augmentin and an antibiotic shot in the ass were very welcome at this point.

- After the shot in the ass and two rounds of Augmentin, I actually woke up this morning feeling better. The best news was that I had a headache this morning, because that meant I wasn”t still on a Demerol high. And my face and ear weren”t hurting, which means the Augmentin is doing its fabulous work.

My story up til now.

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