Blogger sucks

Sorry to say it, but Blogger simply blows. Maybe it”s just too popular now, but most days I can get anything to publish before about 3 p.m.

And considering my inclination is to write in the morning, most days I just don”t even try, which is why The Wisdom is a thinner read these days (I bailed out of my observations on St. Patrick”s Day and March Madness today).

I”ve looked around at some other publishing tools, but I”ve so far stuck with Blogger because I don”t want to re-create the vast library of Wisdom pieces and migrate to another system.

Considering that Blogger is owned by Google and that Google (by some accounts) holds more processing power than any other private business in the world, you”d think Blogger would work to iron out whatever capacity/access/publishing problems they”ve been having for the past few months.

But for now, Blogger simply sucks.

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