Musical notes

With the audio-processing part of my brain freshly stimulated by the introduction of an iPod, Mac Mini and 250GB hard drive, it”s time for a few ramblings on music.

• I”m really tardy on this, but Loretta Lynn”s Van Lear Rose is a flat-out amazing album. Once again – ala Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin – the teaming of a country legend and a younger kid (Jack White) who understands what makes country music great results in a mind-blowing piece of work.

• Maybe there”s hope for America. Loyal readers of The Wisdom will remember my lament at the fact that the new Kings Of Leon album was issued in England (I got a copy from across the pond) four months before coming out in the States, because the British actually like the band. Well, it turns out that the hairy Tennesseans are getting some good buzz from their song The Bucket. Appearances on Letterman, Carson Daly and elsewhere, and their stuff is showing up on Bittorrents (a sure sign of success). So that”s good news for good music. The Kings, by the way, are playing Atlanta Friday. I shall, of course, be there. A good show at The Roxy is about the only thing that”ll get me to Buckhead.

• My new favorite band of the moment (not to be confused with my favorite band of all time, which is and shall continue to be The Replacements) is The Mooney Suzuki. They bring the stylish punk vibe of Rocket From The Crypt and infuse it with this old-school Kiss feel. Most excellent.

• On the roots-rock end of things, I”m digging The Bottle Rockets. Nothing Earth-shattering, and really makes me wish 6 String Drag was still around, but worthy of some Pepsi credits at iTunes.

• On the weird end of things, The Kills are pretty interesting. Kind of like Timbuk 3 meets Garbage (yes, I coined that analogy), and Alison “VV” Mosshart has really perfected that “hot girl who wouldn”t be hot if she weren”t a rock chick” thing. Coming to The EARL April 14, by the way.

• On the amazing end of things are The Flairz. First heard on Sirius” fabulous Underground Garage. You can tell they”re young and unpolished – but it turns out they”re 11!. Yes, eleven years old. Two Australian brothers and a girl cousin, who sings and plays drums. What were you doing when you were 11? And, by the way, the girl – Scarlett Stevens – is going to be smokin” hot by the time she turns 15 16 17 18 19 18.

• And finally, as nice as iTunes is for picking up semi-strange music (thanks, Pepsi!), there”s a ton of stuff on Underground Garage that simply doesn”t appear to be commercially available. Little Steven seems able to find bands like The Cocktail Slippers, Hawaii Mud Bombers and The Flairz, so maybe Sirius should partner with iTunes or something to make this stuff available online (I bought The Flairz through an Australian music site, but have yet to go that far for others). Or, as I realized last night, I could just DVR a few hours of Underground Garage through Dish Network (yes, I can record the audio channels on the TiFaux), find this weird stuff I like and rip it out to MP3. Interesting.

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