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A day without significant pain (so far)

I”m so over this whole “massive pain” thing, I really don”t want to continue writing about it. But for all you loyal Wisdom readers concerned about the health of Cap”n Ken, here”s the short roundup: – After going to the second dentist, who didn”t give me any new meds or whatnot, the jaw pain went [...]

… or not

So I”m not in L.A. tonight, and I won”t be going at all this week. The miracle of antibiotics just didn”t get me in shape enough to hit the road today. Instead, I made a trip to my Aetna-approved dentist, who I”d talked to over the weekend about the agony and horror of my jaw. [...]

If I were on a feeding tube, I’d have had it pulled yesterday

Remember in Fargo when Carl (Steve Buscemi) gets shot in the jaw during the money drop? I feel like I”ve living that for the past 36 hours or so. And yesterday, I was ready for the wood chipper. What started as an annoying ache in that least-favorite molar Wednesday had mushroomed into a debilitating mass [...]

No, I can’t see it from my house …

… but I wouldn”t be surprised if it blinds children around Turner Field: Braves unveil world”s largest HDTV. You know, I”d like to say this thing doesn”t make me go “Gee, golly, that”s really cool”, but it does. It might actually get me out to more Braves games this year. No word on whether the [...]

Those wonderful Christians

IMAX theaters in the Carolinas, Georgia and Texas have decided not to show the film Volcanoes of the Deep Sea because it makes references to the connection between human DNA and those of undersea microbes. There were no protests (that I”m aware of); there was no outrage by Jesus freaks. The theaters apparently decided that [...]

So long Blogger, goodbye

The very astute among you may have noticed that Cap”n Ken”s Homespun Wisdom is all of a sudden brand-new this afternoon.

Blogger sucks

Sorry to say it, but Blogger simply blows. Maybe it”s just too popular now, but most days I can get anything to publish before about 3 p.m. And considering my inclination is to write in the morning, most days I just don”t even try, which is why The Wisdom is a thinner read these days [...]

Sirius > DishDVR > iMic > iTunes > iPod

In my Monday Musical Notes bit, I threw out the notion that I could probably get my favorite Underground Garage tunes onto my iPod through the Sirius channels on Dish Network. So today at lunch, I decided to give it a shot. Guess what? It works. For those of you who found The Wisdom searching [...]

Musical notes

With the audio-processing part of my brain freshly stimulated by the introduction of an iPod, Mac Mini and 250GB hard drive, it”s time for a few ramblings on music. • I”m really tardy on this, but Loretta Lynn”s Van Lear Rose is a flat-out amazing album. Once again – ala Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin [...]

Why I bought Apple stock yesterday

Until just over a month ago, I”d never bought an Apple product in my life. But that”s my stash now. Around my office, iPods are omnipresent (one co-worker just upgrated his old 40GB for a 30GB iPod Photo) and one guy I work with just bought a Mac Mini and a 12″ Powerbook. When we [...]

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