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Big Adventure Followup

So I survived my trek into the California High Desert. No, I didn”t have any offers from any musicians to stay overnight out that way, so I drove the 120 miles back to L.A. afterwards, getting back to my hotel at a workable 1:15 a.m. Some random observations: • Pioneertown ain”t much to look at. [...]

Cap’n Ken’s Big Adventure

OK, so I need to spill the beans on why I”m really out in California this week (or at least why I”m staying until Saturday). Tomorrow I”m taking the day off from work and heading out into the desert. My destination is a place called Pioneertown. It”s 130 miles or so from L.A. Pioneertown was [...]

I hate when people actually read this stuff

A note came in to The Wisdom Mailbag yesterday carrying the subject line “Tonya Watts here”. Loyal readers of The Wisdom may remember Tonya from a piece I wrote about country music in L.A. a few weeks back – Taking in Nashywood. I sort of wasn”t all that nice in writing about Tonya. I believe [...]

and I succumb

Yep, I got an iPod yesterday. 40 Gig, but none of that silly photo stuff. After monkeying around with my travel buddy”s iPod at LAX last Friday and then learning that I can get my company”s Apple discount at their retail store (and not just online), I figured I might as well take the plunge [...]

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