Ancient technology and me

I”m almost embarassed sometimes to whip out my Blackberry to check email. The Berry I tote, you see, is ancient. The Blackberry 857 was released last century. I think it was the first one to have the full screen and keyboard. I remember being in a demo with the RIM guys when this was the hot new thing. But no more.

Nowadays Blackberrys are blue. They”re also telephones and PDAs. They”re small. So while my dinosaur (company-issued) gets me what I need – instant email access when I”m out of the office – it”s hardly a cutting-edge, Hip Internet Dude kind of thing to carry.

But today I feel better about it. I”m at a conference, you see, and the conference lobby has an “email center” where people queue up to check their email via the web. And at most times there”s a line. Sometimes a dozen deep to get on one of the four machines. These appear to be people still tied to a PC and browser to get their mail.

Today I exchanged about a half-dozen messages with folks at at HQ; got things moving, got things done. All on my ancient Blackberry, and all instantly. So my Berry may be a relic, but I guess there”s still a lot of people who”d kill to have one.

P.S. being at a work conference with the wife rules. Snow sucks.

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