A day in the flood

The other night at trivia (we came in second, one point off the win – damned Midnight Cowboy), I was talking with That Yellow Bastard and Brown about life as the hip Internet/technology dudes that we are. But that”s another post.

I started thinking out loud about how folks like us (who work in and around the Internet) get exposed to pretty much a non-stop stream of information during the day, and how people like doctors, garbagemen, Starbucks workers and the like who don”t work in front of a PC don”t have this infostream in their reach 40 hours a week.

And now, with RSS my constant companion, the infostream has really turned into a flood. Now, as I work on my PC, the information comes directly at me. I rarely hunt for information anymore. It all finds me.

So today, I decided to take note of what came into my brain through my feeds. Below is a summary of what I learned from each of the 47 RSS items I felt compelled to read during my workday. This – in chrono order of what I read – comes from about 75 feeds that delivered probably 400 items from 6 p.m. Wednesday to 5:30 p.m. today.

- HUMAX will be making DirecTV equipment
- Yahoo Image Search launched some improvements
- AOL Local Search launched
- Somebody built a four-story Super Mario Bros. mural out of Post-It Notes
- James Van Der Beek is coming back to television
- There”s a Hello Kitty iPod Mini dock thing
- iPod Photo Import feature unveiled
- Somebody”s made a held-tilt mouse controlled by webcam recognition
- PNY plans to sell 2GB flash audio player
- Preview of Kenwood”s KCA-iP500 iPod adaptor
- Europeans expect to have artificial eyes available by 2010
- Apple rumored to be buying TiVo
- John G. has a real problem with Dell
- Is Google coming out with a calendar search feature?
- Disney planning to finally release Song of the South on DVD?
- High-end RVs are spurring trend of posh trailer parks
- UAW trying again to organize at Southern auto plants
- Photos of Porsche Chopster
- Google, Yahoo downgraded by stock analysts
- Is the WSJ killing itself by requiring subscriptions for online content?
- Microsoft implementing tougher anti-piracy measures for its software
- Rumors of Yahoo buying Flickr
- Judge says FCC crossed the line with broadcast flag
- Witness in Edwin Edwards case says EWE”s friends out to get him
- Televangelist Gene Scott died
- Progress of state smoking ban in Ga. Legislature
- State senator wants to split Fulton County in two
- Vertical Search gaining traction
- MGM”s plans for Mirage City in Vegas
- Harsh message people get when they misdial Sprint PCS collections
- German operations of search engines set up self-policing board to
remove illegal content
- Robin went to the dentist
- Steve Jobs is 50 today
- yes.com shows you what”s been played on terrestrial radio stations
recently, in case you can”t remember the 28 songs places ever play
- Australia is being terrorized by a giant eel
- Sony”s given up on the PSX, which was supposed to be a combo PlayStation and DVR
- You can buy a dildo that hooks to your XBox
- Analysis of why Apple might want to buy TiVo
- Barnes & Noble is fighting back against Google”s AutoLink toolbar feature
- Warner Home Video will sell DVDs cheap in China to fight piracy
- Somebody who reads the wife”s blog actually likes Maroon 5
- You can buy a USB drive that looks like a Tiki
- ChoicePoint is now getting sued over their identity leak
- Is Apple losing interest in FireWire?

Obviously, a varied set of information. Some of it”s work-related, some is tech-geek related, and some is quite random. But I started the day not knowing any of it, and maybe I would have learned about 5 or 6 of these things eventually if I hadn”t been sitting at my PC being fed by RSS.

Will I remember all of this stuff? No. Would I want to? Probably not. But at the time I read each of these things, I deemed the information worth knowing. And there”s more stuffed in my head now than when the day began.

Again, I”m not sure that”s a good thing. But worth noting.

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