I’ll take the tornadoes and ice, thank you

We had some fairly intense weather move through Atlanta last night. A little bit of hail, lots of lighting and heavy rain. The dogs started freaking out, which had the wife convinced a tornado was coming at us.

Couple this with our recent ice storm, the two ex-hurricanes that moved through last year and the general threat of severe weather we live under in the winter (ice) and spring (tornadoes), and you”d be inclined to think weather is a negative thing about living in Atlanta.

My friends in L.A. certainly share this view.

But the current situation out there – 30 inches of rain over the past couple of months (when they would expect no more than 10) – has mudslides flowing through homes, backyards of Bel Air mansions (complete will pool) breaking off and tumbling down hills and sinkholes appearing out of nowhere.

Of course, Californians don”t want to be completely dry, because that”s when the wildfires happen. The earthquakes can happen any old time.

So here”s my view on weather. In Atlanta, we can expect some severe storms in the spring; we have to be prepared to suffer through the occasional ice/snow storm in the winter and every once in a while the remnant of a hurricane comes our way. But it”s somewhat predictable, it comes and goes quickly, and the fairly consistent pattern means we”re “tempered” from the weather – that big tree that fell during Ivan sure can”t fall again next year.

In California, on the other hand, the weather is usually pretty damn nice. Almost all the time, in fact. But when things do turn ugly – and they do – it seems they have much more catastrophic and longer-lasting problems. I saw a lot of this recently. Mudslides can happen a couple of days after the rain ends, or can be touched off by minor showers after the ground has been saturated.

Imagine living on a hillside – or below one – in L.A. right now. How do you sleep when there”s a very real possibility that your house might tumble down the hill or that somebody else”s might come down on yours?

So I”ll take the tornadoes, I”ll take the ice, I”ll even accept a hurricane once in a while.

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