Pepsi iTunes 2

I”m 4 for 4 so far in the new round of Pepsi”s iTunes giveaway. Of course, I”m playing smart, so I expect to maintain an extraordinarily high winning percentage.

But I get the feeling this year”s contest may turn into a bit of a treasure hunt. At Walgreen”s in Midtown last night, there was not a single winner in the mix of about a dozen Diet Pepsis. The mild disarray of the Pepsi rack suggests I”d been beaten to the stock by another in-the-know player.

Fortunately, the Grant Park CVS had a couple of winners this morning (my first two came from a Rite-Aid in L.A. and a gas station in the High Desert). But I suspect in the coming weeks the instance of all-loser supplies will grow.

I guess I need to empty out the winners when I come across them.

In related news, the iPod is up to 3,161 songs occupying 11.5G. I”ve been rounding up CDs from around the house, and I figure I probably have another 400 or so top-quality tunes to import before I have to start getting creative. I”ll feel validated for buying the 40G model once I cross the 20G mark.

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