‘Great To Work For’ addendum

I”d like to add one more item to my list of five things that make a company Great To Work For.

6) Mail the freaking W-2s out sometime before the last possible date allowed by law.

This tax year found the wife and I being owed a total of four W2s – from the wife”s old job, the wife”s new job, my new job and from The World”s Most Boring Internet Company.

Can anyone guess which of those four companies was the only one to wait until Jan. 31 to mail out the W2?

The wife”s W2s both came mid-January. My new job”s came around Jan. 20, but was available online a week earlier. And, of course, TWMBIC”s came when I was out in L.A. sometime after Feb. 2.

And of the four, all but one were available as a direct import through TurboTax. Guess which one I had to input manually.

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