Big Adventure Followup

So I survived my trek into the California High Desert. No, I didn”t have any offers from any musicians to stay overnight out that way, so I drove the 120 miles back to L.A. afterwards, getting back to my hotel at a workable 1:15 a.m.

Some random observations:

Pioneertown ain”t much to look at. Some random little old-west buildings now being occupied by desert hippies. Interesting in that whole “town built by Hollywood” way, but certainly not worth a drive in itself.

• The desert hippies also run a coffee shop at the bottom of Pioneertown Road called Water Canyon Coffee Co. You”d think hippies working at a coffee shop would be friendly. But you”d be wrong. Maybe they mistook The Cap”n for one of the …

• … jackass L.A. types who apparently drive up to Pappy & Harriet”s from Palm Springs in a desperate attempt to be cool. There was one such couple (she in heavy makeup, ordering white wine; he with dyed-black, hairsprayed coif trying to fight off the baldness, ordering “Bud”) seated by me who kept asking if the crowd was going to get “too rowdy” and whether they should move back from the stage.

• Thank God for the omnipresence of Starbucks.

• As I was driving up the high desert highway in my rented Monte Carlo, a dude passed me and gave me the “cool, dude” head nod as he went by. I realized after he passed that he was driving a Monte Carlo. So apparently he actually bought a Monte Carlo and thinks he and I share a passion for crappy American coupes.

• It”s not a good idea to watch the giant windmill generators spin as you drive.

• The wife must stop referring to me as Anne McCue”s stalker, because I met him Friday night.

By the way, I took some photos of the show if you”re interested. No shots of the stalker or the lame L.A. couple, though:

Anne McCue at Pappy & Harriet”s

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