I hate when people actually read this stuff

A note came in to The Wisdom Mailbag yesterday carrying the subject line “Tonya Watts here”. Loyal readers of The Wisdom may remember Tonya from a piece I wrote about country music in L.A. a few weeks back – Taking in Nashywood.

I sort of wasn”t all that nice in writing about Tonya. I believe “Watts looks like just another surgically-enhanced Hollywood plaything” was among the things written. So I wasn”t expecting a rosy message when I saw that email.

But she was pretty cool. Here”s the text of the email:

Hey! Well, someone sent me your posting. It was a very interesting article. No hard feelings on my end.

Ps.. My lips are real :)

Well, damn. See, here”s the thing: the stuff I wrote was purposefully jackassed. I could have written something more in-depth about the Lords of Nashville and how they might love someone like Tonya if she was just a little less good-looking and not so L.A. I could have focused on her music – which is good – and tied it back with the whole “too beautiful” thing.

But that quote on her site about having “too much lip”, her history as a bikini model/Pam Anderson stand-in and her being married to a soap opera star led me down the “make fun of Barbie” route. It was easier and funnier than a more serious bit about trying to bust the Nashville club.

And then she reads it. And has a sense of humor! Damn.

I wrote her back explaining my editorial approach, letting her know I do like her music and respect her attempt to make it in country music, and that I think that her husband looking like David Soul and/or a Vitalis model is a good thing.

I also congratulated her on actually being the woman all these Hollywood types are trying to look like with the lip jobs.

She replied back again, and I think I”ve cleared the issue up with her. But it would be better if people just didn”t read The Wisdom, wouldn”t it?

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