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Ancient technology and me

I”m almost embarassed sometimes to whip out my Blackberry to check email. The Berry I tote, you see, is ancient. The Blackberry 857 was released last century. I think it was the first one to have the full screen and keyboard. I remember being in a demo with the RIM guys when this was the [...]

A day in the flood

The other night at trivia (we came in second, one point off the win – damned Midnight Cowboy), I was talking with That Yellow Bastard and Brown about life as the hip Internet/technology dudes that we are. But that”s another post. I started thinking out loud about how folks like us (who work in and [...]

I’ll take the tornadoes and ice, thank you

We had some fairly intense weather move through Atlanta last night. A little bit of hail, lots of lighting and heavy rain. The dogs started freaking out, which had the wife convinced a tornado was coming at us. Couple this with our recent ice storm, the two ex-hurricanes that moved through last year and the [...]

Dell charges sales tax, but doesn’t tell you

Dell has officially pissed me off. I bought a refurbished PC today (yes, I”m aware that I also just bought a Mac Mini – the Dell system was $364, so get off my back), and during my entire purchase process, there was no notification that I was going to be charged sales tax. Dell has [...]

NetFlix hates me

Loyal readers of The Wisdom will remember my distress after an extensive round of rating movies at NetFlix yielded their top recommendation of Wet Hot American Summer. Despite my best efforts, I could not rate this movie out of my recommendations. So I stuck it in the queue, figuring someday I might actually want to [...]

At the Grammys

I”d like to make note of and point out the difference between two performances at The Grammys tonight. 1) JLo made a point of trying to capitalize on the event by manufacturing a “public debut” of her and Mark Anthony in some super-lame Spanish soap opera song. It bombed. 2) Melissa Etheridge made a point [...]

Mini me

Anybody out there ever see the movie Josie and the Pussycats? The underlying story is that pop music actually contains powerful subliminal advertising aimed at youth culture, and this explains where trendy stuff comes from. It seems this same technology is imbedded in my new iPod, because today I ordered a Mac Mini. I”ll have [...]

Some fun spam

Sitting at the top of my corporate email heap this morning was a great bit of spam. I suppose it”s a clever one, too, as it made it past the spam filtering system. I think they managed to do this by using GIFs that looked like text, thus thwarting the system that scans the content [...]

Pepsi iTunes 2

I”m 4 for 4 so far in the new round of Pepsi”s iTunes giveaway. Of course, I”m playing smart, so I expect to maintain an extraordinarily high winning percentage. But I get the feeling this year”s contest may turn into a bit of a treasure hunt. At Walgreen”s in Midtown last night, there was not [...]

‘Great To Work For’ addendum

I”d like to add one more item to my list of five things that make a company Great To Work For. 6) Mail the freaking W-2s out sometime before the last possible date allowed by law. This tax year found the wife and I being owed a total of four W2s – from the wife”s [...]

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