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The List – updated

Circumstances in the world today require an update to my “list of chicks I can do”: a) Jennifer Aniston is availableb) I”ll be in L.A. all this week I figure being able to honestly use the line “I”ve dug you since that Ferris Bueller TV show” gives me a bit of a leg up. I”ll [...]


The wife and I robbed a Kenneth Cole store yesterday. Well, not literally, but we feel like we did. Mr. Cole had sent us a card for a weekend sale at their outlet, so we headed up to Discover Mills. And we came away with: For The Cap”n• Reaction wool bomber-cut coat (retail $200)• Kenneth [...]

Happy Birthday, Elvis

The King would be 70 today. I”ve added a shot (1956) of Elvis into my image rotation (a horrible oversight to not launch with The King, I know, but creating those transparent images is a pain in the arse). I”ll be celebrating Elvis” birthday by just doing what The King would want – TCB.

More tsunami poll results

CNN / USA Today / Gallop

HDTV question settled

Loyal readers of The Wisdom know The Cap”n has been struggling with the question of how best to bring a HD television signal into Casa Cap”n. The choices: a) Dish Network”s 921 HD DVR: Dish just dropped the price of the 921 DVR to $549 (from $949). It”s basically a higher-capacity (250GB), HD version of [...]

Jon Stewart takes down Crossfire

Wow. The Fake News guy has succeeded in changing at least a very tiny part of the “real news” world. CNN Let”s “Crossfire” Host Carlson Go The lead of that story is that the “dick” – Tucker Carlson – has been shown the door, but it also hints at the likely fate of Crossfire, which [...]

From the mouth of Miles

Excuse me, non-LSU fans, for yet another post about our coaching situation. I just can”t resist, but I swear it will die down soon. There”s a roundup of quotes from the Les Miles news conference yesterday that really amused me. Find it online at Yahoo! News. Les on being approached about the LSU job: “Skip [...]

Our own Scott Peterson

Here in Atlanta, we”re all excited. We have our own Scott Peterson now. If you don”t live in Atlanta, you”ve probably not heard of Dr. Barton Corbin – yet. But hang on a little while, let this whole “tsunami mania” die down and chances are Dr. Corbin and his dead wife Jennifer will become household [...]

So it’s Les Miles …

I guess there”s no point in bitching about getting a coach who”s only has four years” experience winning an average of 7 games a year. Maybe the expectation had to be stepping backward after the Saban years. So on the bright side – Miles is an offensive guy, and our pathetic showing in the Capital [...]

Somebody talk me out of this?

I”m about ready to pull the trigger on an HDTV setup for Wisdom Manor. Of course, I already have the TV (44″ LG DLP), but there is no High-Def signal going to it. Sure, San Andreas looks great in Progressive Scan, and Dish Network does a good job spitting out digital images, but when you [...]

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