Slackin’ Cap’n

The Cap”n would like to apologize to The Wisdom Nation for his inexcusable lack of output over the past week. There was plenty of fodder on the trip out west, but just not a lot of time to write.

So in the spirit of catching up, here”s a roundup of things that have been on my mind lately:

• For an American car, the Pontiac G6 (the one Oprah gave away) isn”t bad. I had one as my rental out in L.A. Good performance, decent interior, doesn”t look bad. Its stereo had XM Radio built in, but it was probably the worst integration of XM I could imagine. The data came across only on a single nine-character line, so unless you realize that “Catherine” is actually “Catherine Wheel”, a lot of the value of satellite radio data is lost.

• Compared to Sirius, XM Radio kind of blows. Their stupidly-named rock stations (Fred, Ethel, Lucy, Squizz) are more or less programmed like commercial stations. And don”t get me started on their amazingly lame country stations. Give me Sirius” Underground Garage or Outlaw Country any day.

• A9′s new Visual Yellow Pages product is bizarre. They actually drove around cities with a GPS-enabled digital camera mounted on an SUV to capture images of storefronts to marry with business searches. If you “walk the block” in East Atlanta, you can almost get to our house.

• Maybe someday security at LAX will stop this “I highly recommend you remove your shoes” crap. I was too tired Friday morning to mess around with the TSA guys, but a co-worker (who also travels in specific airport-friendly shoes) fell for the “highly recommend” trick and went through with his shoes on. Of course, he got pulled aside for the full-on terrorist search. Note to the TSA at LAX: If you are going to keep this non-TSA policy of searching people who go through security with their shoes on, just say it”s policy to hand-search anyone who comes through in shoes. The “highly recommend” line is not helpful to anybody.

• I was at a Starbucks in San Jose Tuesday and asked for my traditional non-morning beverage: iced venti unsweet coffee. I was told by the Starbucks dude that they were not stocking iced coffee – the secret to Starbucks” iced coffee is that they make it extra-strong specifically for use as iced coffee – that day because it was cold outside. This is the first time I”ve ever been told this, and I hope it”s not a trend. If you have an item on your permanent menu, I expect to be able to buy it any day. If you think not a lot of people are going to buy it on a given day, just don”t make as much of it, dude.

• Note to VH1″s Best Week Ever: Stop with the stupid skits. Just talk about the stupid pop culture stuff that happened in the last week. None of the changes you”ve made to the format over the past six months have been improvements. The show is on the verge of getting de-listed on the TiFaux.

OK, I feel somewhat caught up now. I”ve got a big adventure coming up Friday in L.A., so stay tuned for that.

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