Please let me know if I missed anything …

Having been on the road all last week, I hadn”t fired up my SharpReader since a week ago Friday (I see RSS as a workplace tool, so I don”t feed at home).

In between trying to catch up on 1,000 work things today, I also attempted to get caught up on my feeds. I made it through friends” blogs and most of the developments in my little corner of the Internet business, but I”ve decided to let most of the 2,737 items I”ve accumulated go unread.

So if any of you heard about cool gadgets, weird online things or the like last week, feel free to hip the Cap”n to them.

[editor"s note: The wife did send me a story about merger speculation between Sirius and XM Radio. I"ll just say that if that happens, I hope they use the XM equipment and keep the Sirius programming.]

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