Wait – that’s Atlanta?

Found in the blogosphere – a fabulous photo stream of shots taken by some guy from Chicago when he was down in Atlanta for the Falcons / Rams game:

Atlanta photos – SkyscraperPage.

Dude did a great job of showing my city”s great neighborhoods – he got around to Grant Park, Cabbagetown, Little 5 Points, Virginia-Highland and East Atlanta.

For the uninitiated, here”s a brief glimpse into a small part of Cap”n Ken”s world (click on images for full-sized views):

The Flatiron, East Atlanta (the closest bar to Casa Cap”n Ken and a frequent destination)

Old-school barber shop in East Atlanta Village between Joe”s Coffee Shop and The EARL. No, The Cap”n does not get his hair cut there.

View of Six Feet Under (Grant Park-ish) from Oakland Cemetery.

As I said, great photos. But what got me about the photo series were some of the comments left about it:

WTF… you made Atlanta look… urban.

Your Atlanta looks vibrant and interesting.

So is this not Buckhead? Ive heard thats one of the most happening spots. These pictures are great! I love to see vibrant stores and urban areas doin their thing.

Apparently this is the weird part of town. Which means I won”t be swinging by there, but nice pics anyway

I”m not surprised that “this Atlanta” is so foreign to people, and witnessed by the Buckhead comment, there”s a definite – incorrect – perception people have of the city. I”d imagine to most people (including both out-of-towners and suburban Atlantans), Hartsfield + Downtown + Buckhead = Atlanta. And that”s fine. To most people, American Idol winners = good music, too.

But in reality, Atlanta is a city of great neighborhoods. They”re not all “the weird part of town” – but the fun ones are.

So thanks, random dude, for finding the cool part of Atlanta.

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