Katamari Damacy

Ever since diving into the GTA world sometime back with Vice City and now San Andreas, I”ve had to fight the urge to shoot pedestrians, run over motorcycles and generally raise havoc on the streets.

But now I have to resist the temptation to roll objects on the street into a giant mash of ever-growing junk.

A couple of weeks ago, the wife and I had drinks with Brown, and he was telling us about this bizarre PS2 game called Katamari Damacy that had fallen into the hands of That Yellow Bastard. Brown said something about an evil King, stars being taken from the sky and a little Prince who had to roll junk up on Earth to replace the aforementioned stars. And he suggested having TYB bring the game over to The Cap”n & Wife”s Post-Holiday Holiday Party (held this past Saturday).

I didn”t ask TYB to bring it, fearing its introduction would turn our outwardly civil shindig into a Katamari tournament.

But the Bastard did one better. He bought us a copy as a party gift.

We managed to hold off until around 2 a.m., when the sensible people had left, before busting out Katamari. I was just drunk enough to really enjoy TYB”s demo session (the wife”s sister”s boyfriend was far too drunk to enjoy it, but not quite drunk enough to hurl while trying to follow the action).

It”s truly a bizarre game, but amazingly fun and addictive. As Brown and I were discussing, the Japanese have always injected some bizarre stuff into their video games, but technology is just now catching up to allow them to really develop these insane environments. I imagine Pac Man has some really strange backstory, but the technology of the time allowed only for a game showing a little yellow dude chomping dots and being chased by four ghosts of various personalities.

Not so Katamari. Roll up bits of sushi into your ball? Sure. Cats? Why not? Get a little bigger, pick yourself up a child … then an adult … maybe a guy in a Mexican wrestling mask.

The wife and I played Katamari a good bit yesterday and last night (we may have sold another unit for Namco after introducing it to Robin and her man when they came over for some PS2 action last night – remind me to call Mr. Robin at 6:29 tonight …) and I got my Katamari up to 4 m, 71 cm.

I believe this is just the beginning.

[editor"s note: If you want to buy Katamari Damacy for yourself, click the link below to get it at Amazon, and The Cap"n will get paid a buck!]

Katamari Damacy at Amazon

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