Open the door …. to hell?

This week finds The Cap”n pondering a choice – one which could have profound implications for the future of my life in general.

Last weekend, the wife and I visited Robin and her man to give them some inside tips on playing San Andreas. After poppin” some caps in the arses of homies and getting them quickly addicted to SSX Tricky, Mr. Robin decided to introduce me to online play for NCAA Football 2005.

And now I want in.

I love NCAA Football on the PS2. But I play almost exclusively by myself against the computer. This is due in part to my anti-social nature, but it also serves as a nice self-limiter of time spent with the game. There”s only so many times Cap”n Ken”s LSU Tigers can beat up on PS2 USC before I put the controller down.

And every time I think about getting social with PS2 football, I”m reminded of my last year in college, when I lived with my buddy Dave and Madden “92 was released for Sega Genesis. That game was the first thing to displace free half-scrambled porn as our favorite pastime, and we racked up hundreds upon hundreds of hours on the Genesis.

With the free PS2 online system, I”d be opened up to a world of thousands of Daves just waiting for a game. “Think of your wife”, I keep telling myself. “Your job, your dogs, the big mortgage payments, all the stuff that will build up on the TiFaux …”

I fear they”d all get second-fiddle status if I open this door and unleash the online PS2 monster.

What”s holding me back at the moment is my philosophical opposition to paying $90 to get a wireless hub to connect the PS2 to my home network. Without that barrier of entry, I fear I”d already be on the path to hell.

[editor"s note: Cap"n Ken has a birthday coming up in two months, and a Linksys Wireless-G Game Adapter would make an excellent present.]

[editor"s sensible side note: Please do not give one of those to The Cap"n.]

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