The List – updated

Circumstances in the world today require an update to my “list of chicks I can do”:

a) Jennifer Aniston is available
b) I”ll be in L.A. all this week

I figure being able to honestly use the line “I”ve dug you since that Ferris Bueller TV show” gives me a bit of a leg up. I”ll try not so say “of course, you were hotter with a little more meat on your bones” or “you”re still pretty hot to be 35.”

Jennifer was on the original List I presented to The Wife at our wedding, but was removed because she and Brad seemed so happy together.

But now she”s back! And, sadly, that means somebody”s gotta go. Currently on The List:

• Katie Holmes
• Lauren Graham
• Ali Landry
• Sarah Bernard (of CNN”s American Morning / 90 Second Pop)
• Anne McCue

Katie, Lauren and Anne are must-keeps, as they in very different ways represent the finest of womanhood. So, then, do I kick off Ali or Sarah?

Sarah – cute as can be; smart, funny. But married and lives in New York.
Ali – hot, single, from Louisiana and lives in L.A.

So as much as it pains me, I”m taking Sarah off. But welcome back to The List, Jen!

Wish me luck in L.A. this week.

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