Jon Stewart takes down Crossfire

Wow. The Fake News guy has succeeded in changing at least a very tiny part of the “real news” world.

CNN Let”s “Crossfire” Host Carlson Go

The lead of that story is that the “dick” – Tucker Carlson – has been shown the door, but it also hints at the likely fate of Crossfire, which is to be downgraded to a mini-segment of Inside Politics.

Unless you”re completely unaware of the world, you”ll remember that Jon Stewart went on Crossfire a couple of months back and implored the hosts to “Stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America“. Stewart”s dead-on point is that shows featuring nothing more than liberals and conservatives shouting at each other is “bad for America.”

And CNN”s new network chief agrees. This is an actual quote from the guy:

“I guess I come down more firmly in the Jon Stewart camp,” (Jonathan) Klein told The Associated Press.

It”s about freaking time. In the months leading up to the election, you couldn”t watch CNN for 30 minutes without seeing some segment where they trot out a liberal and a conservative and let them yell at each other. This is what passed for “analysis” at CNN.

I”d hoped that the election would mark the end of such crap, but it didn”t. They”d bring these worthless shills out to “debate” the U.N. oil for food scandal, the nomination of Bush cabinet members and the impact of religion on society.

One good side effect of the tsunamis was that coverage of the disaster pushed those liberal/conservative segments off the air, at least until a few days later when they started dragging them on to “debate” whether President Bush was doing enough for relief efforts.

And now I”m sure they”ll trot some of these morons out to “debate” whether “debate” segments are, in fact, bad for America.

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