From the mouth of Miles

Excuse me, non-LSU fans, for yet another post about our coaching situation. I just can”t resist, but I swear it will die down soon.

There”s a roundup of quotes from the Les Miles news conference yesterday that really amused me. Find it online at Yahoo! News.

Les on being approached about the LSU job:

“Skip Bertman called to speak to my athletic director and in turn suggested that there was interest. I immediately had interest. I asked that we not meet until we play our bowl game. Skip said he thought we should and I said “I think we should too.”"

Nice. Les” first contact with Skip was kissing up and being a Yes Man.

Les: “Let”s not meet yet.”
Skip: “We should meet now.”
Les: “Great idea, Skip!”

Les on seeking advice from Nick Saban:

“I absolutely will. I am told on the plane ride back from the Capital One Bowl game wrote about three pages of notes about players and really anything that he wanted to tell me. In the very short future, I will talk to Nick Saban and first of all thank him and suggest to him to tell me where he would go from here. I will revere his recommendations.”

I guess we should view Nick”s notes as the LSU 10 Commandments or something.

Les on dealing with the media:

“The only thing that I can tell you is that I am relatively honest and somewhat deceptive.”


Les on expressing interest in the LSU job before being approached:

“I certainly said it to (David) LaFleur after he told me about it in our Dallas Cowboy meeting room. I don”t know if I said, “boy I sure would like to go there.” But there was interest in growing up and seeing Coach McClendon and understanding the tradition of LSU. There was great interest there as soon as that interest was mutual.”

Dude, you left the Cowboys five years ago. Is he talking about being interested back when we hired Saban? And when exactly did he see Coach McClendon when growing up in Ohio? I smell a panderer.

Les on the mystique of Tiger Stadium on Saturday nights:

“I don”t know what night that was, but I was in awe and there wasn”t a person in the stands. It is a majestic, grand venue. I am told that the opponents have a very difficult time in hearing the snap count. I think that is a wonderful advantage for the home folks. I understand the opponents go by Mike (the Tiger). I understand it is called Death Valley and why. I look forward to it. My first Saturday night in that stadium will be an emotional one.”

Um, what? The way I read that quote, he was asked about “Saturday night in Tiger Stadium”, which to any LSU fan means “football game”, and he responded by saying the stadium is quite a nice place, especially at night. And all this “I am told …” and “I understand …” crap is ultra-lame. “I understand it is called Death Valley”? How hard is it to pretend you know a little bit about LSU tradition? It”s a little outdated, but maybe Les should pick up a copy of Greatest Moments in LSU Football History. His lack of understanding about LSU football makes that governor chick”s “LSU will start off 2004 in the winner”s chair” comment last year seem normal.

Also, I like Skip Bertman”s quote when asked whether Miles” contract is as lucrative as Saban”s was:

“I”m not going to pay Saban money for a guy who hasn”t earned it”

Damned straight. Remind old Leslie that he ain”t being handed some cushy job; he”s got himself into a real challenge.

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