The Wisdom’s new look

Obviously, The Wisdom has a new look for the new year. It”s tradition around here to have an LSU-themed look during football season and … well, something else the rest of the time.

For those of you (most of you, I imagine) who didn”t instantly recognize the look as something like a Hatch Show Print poster, well that”s what it”s supposed to be. Or at least as much as a blog template can look like a Hatch poster.

And for those of you (again, probably most of you) who have no idea what Hatch Show Print is, Hatch is a famous Nashville shop that has printed some fabulous two-color posters for country and rock shows for about 100 years. Check out Hatch on the web.

There are several little whirlygigs that rotate on the page (that”s either Johnny Cash, George Jones or Hank Snow on the left), so come early and often for your template-based amusement.

I should also note that the page was designed for Firefox, but if you”re still using Internet Explorer (why?), it should look OK in that old browser, too. Let me know if it doesn”t.

And Happy New Year from The Wisdom.

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