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Please let me know if I missed anything …

Having been on the road all last week, I hadn”t fired up my SharpReader since a week ago Friday (I see RSS as a workplace tool, so I don”t feed at home). In between trying to catch up on 1,000 work things today, I also attempted to get caught up on my feeds. I made [...]

Slackin’ Cap’n

The Cap”n would like to apologize to The Wisdom Nation for his inexcusable lack of output over the past week. There was plenty of fodder on the trip out west, but just not a lot of time to write. So in the spirit of catching up, here”s a roundup of things that have been on [...]

The Forbidden Hotel

I got down to L.A. yesterday after a day and a half of meetin” and eatin” up in The Valley. And while in L.A., I”m staying at The Forbidden Hotel. The Forbidden Hotel is the stuff of legend around my office. It used to be the standard choice for people coming out west, but someone [...]

VOOM goes Boom

Good news for The Cap”n on the HDTV front. Dish Network is buying the satellite TV operation of Cablevision – which is basically the HD satellite service VOOM. This is big for a couple of reasons. First, I”m glad I didn”t take the Voom route to getting HD (thankfully, they never rolled out their TiFaux). [...]

Wait – that’s Atlanta?

Found in the blogosphere – a fabulous photo stream of shots taken by some guy from Chicago when he was down in Atlanta for the Falcons / Rams game: • Atlanta photos – SkyscraperPage. Dude did a great job of showing my city”s great neighborhoods – he got around to Grant Park, Cabbagetown, Little 5 [...]

Yet more TV complexity

Loyal readers of The Wisdom are aware that I”ve given up (for now) trying to bring HDTV into the house while retaining my basic requirement of a dual-tuner DVR. The best solution seems to be the DirecTV HD DVR, but at $1,000 for hardware in addition to HD and TiVo fees, I”m sitting on the [...]

Katamari Damacy

Ever since diving into the GTA world sometime back with Vice City and now San Andreas, I”ve had to fight the urge to shoot pedestrians, run over motorcycles and generally raise havoc on the streets. But now I have to resist the temptation to roll objects on the street into a giant mash of ever-growing [...]

Logitech cordless PS2 controller

Did I mention how much this thing rocks? Flawless performance (It did require a little tweaking to get two to work at the same time – and the user “manual” is worthless) and freedom to play NCAA Football 2005 from the kitchen. And did I mention that if you buy it from Amazon using the [...]

Open the door …. to hell?

This week finds The Cap”n pondering a choice – one which could have profound implications for the future of my life in general. Last weekend, the wife and I visited Robin and her man to give them some inside tips on playing San Andreas. After poppin” some caps in the arses of homies and getting [...]

Taking in Nashywood

After reading the cover story in L.A. Weekly entitled Hollywood Country and realizing that a monthly jam session referenced in the piece was happening this week, I decided to drive down to Hollywood last night to see what all the fuss is about. “It Came From Nashville” is the brainchild of a singer-songwriter named Tonya [...]

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