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Gee, I just thought it was a Turbie Twist

Our wonderful U.S. Justice Department is advancing the war on terror this month by distributing informational posters to airport security teams giving them some background on the headwear of Muslims and Sikhs: •


Hey people: I have time to blog today and there are some things I could throw out there, but I”m just not motivated. Thought you”d like to know.

CNN anchor commercials – brilliant!

I”m a huge fan of the new promos running for that use the on-air anchors as metaphors for the online experience. First off, it”s kind of high-concept stuff for TV promotions – surfing is like having Anderson Cooper sitting in front of you answering questions – so I like the risk CNN is [...]

Principles – what a hassle

Principles can be hard to have. For example, it”s easy to say “freedom of speech is sacred”, but harder to support the rights of white supremacists to exercise their particular speech. And thus New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is abandoning a very important principle in the face of human tragedy. New York Firefighter Christian [...]

Bringing down the house

Yes, I”m such an LSU freak that I have the webcam image of Tiger Stadium”s construction affixed to my XP desktop. For the unenlightened among you, LSU is replacing the old west-side upper deck with a fancy new west-side upper deck. I won”t bore you with nostalgic ramblings about the “new section” – my dad [...]

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