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On coaches …

OK, first of all, this image on The Advocate”s (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) site this morning makes me want to puke: Tuberville as LSU coach? God I hope those rumors aren”t true. Skip, if you”re reading this – don”t do it. The most rabid LSU fan I know has already [...]

‘Twas the day of the presser

A poem for you, in the spirit of Christmas: “Twas two days before Christmas, by Cap”n Ken “Twas two days before Chrismas, when all through the bayou,Not a Tiger fan was stirring; they wouldn”t know how to.Google News was reloaded in the browser with fear,Dreading the word that St. Nick would no longer be there [...]

Gift idea for The Cap’n

OK, so it”s not coming out until next week, but maybe pre-ordering now gets you the limited-edition first-printing cover with Nick not dressed in teal and orange:

The Better Better Calendar

The real geeks among you have probably come across the Better Calendar Proposal being pushed by some Johns Hopkins physics professor named Richard Conn Henry. Basically, Henry”s proposal is to shift things around so that days of the week are consistent for any given date each year. January 1 would always be a Sunday, for [...]

Be careful what you mock …

A little while back the wife and I were watching TV when a Movado commercial came on (must have been CNN, since that”s pretty much all the non-TiFaux TV we watch). I pondered aloud why anyone would want one of those Movado “museum watches”, which I think look like something you”d find at a Tony [...]

Pre-Christmas Christmas, 2004

The wife and I got back last night from a quick trip down to Baton Rouge for my family”s traditional pre-Christmas Christmas celebration. Nothing could live up to last year”s pre-Christmas (I highly recommend reading that post; I know I enjoyed it again), and it was a pretty sedate affair. My folks have moved out [...]

The coach-go-round

Considering the design of The Wisdom incorporates LSU football during the season, I suppose I”m obligated to chime in on the Nick Saban situation. I”d have done it yesterday, but I was in an all-day meeting and actually heard about it from a guy surfing on his Treo. Worse yet, my USC pal was in [...]

Playing along – UPDATED with answers

[update - So just two were guessed, by some guy I don"t think I know. So to close out this silly thing, you"ll find the answers below. And shame on you all for not getting The Clash stuff ...] OK, so over at That Yellow Bastard, he”s pushing a new lyric game. Here”s the rules [...]

A is for Amazon

How about an Internet / Search Engine geek post for a Monday? Google has rolled out a new experimental service called Google Suggest. As you are entering a search term, their engine makes suggestions on the fly for what you are most likely to be searching for. For example, type “LS” in the box and [...]

What would you say to your sister’s killer?

Victim impact statements are a pretty common element of murder trials these days, and while I suppose there”s some value to victims” families in venting their anger, I have to think ultimately getting up in a courtroom to call out the killer leaves family members feeling pretty powerless. After all, a killer on his way [...]

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