An Open Letter to Skip Bertman

Dear Skip:

Do not hire Bobby Petrino. I have no idea if he”s your first choice, fifth choice or whether you”d even offer him a contract, but please just scratch his name off the list and move on.

As I write this, Petrino”s Louisville Cardinals are trailing Boise State by 13 in the Liberty Bowl. But it is not Louisville”s performance in this game that worries me most about Petrino. It”s not his pourous defense (which prompted several “you just can”t do that” comments). It”s not Petrino”s completely mindless decision to fake a punt on his own 19 yard line. It”s not the fact that Louisville fans are so sick of Petrino that they were chanting “L-S-U!” after Boise State scored to go up 10. It”s not even the fact that every decent play Petrino seems to have is a gimmick that would be shut down every time in the SEC.

No, Skip, the most telling sign that Petrino does not belong at LSU was the exchange that occurred on the sidelines between the coach and wide receiver J.R. Russell after Russell screwed up and helped cause an interception. I”ve included several screen grabs of the exchange in case you didn”t get to watch the Liberty Bowl today:

As Kirk Herbstreit said after this scene; do you think Bob Stoops” or Nick Saban”s players would dare get up in their coach”s face like that?

No, Skip, they wouldn”t. And if a player did, that player would not be back on the field, unlike Russell, who Petrino put right back in (he told Jill Arrington at halftime that they “need Russell” in the game).

When Petrino”s name began to emerge as a candidate for LSU head coach, I questioned whether he”s actually proven himself as a head coach at the major college level. What he has proven today (and in the pathetic way he”s managed the whole LSU interview process) is that he absolutely IS NOT the caliber of coach we want at LSU.

Good luck with your coaching search, Skip. But please just drop Petrino now.

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