Call it karma?

Loyal readers of The Wisdom will no doubt recall that a week or so ago I received a holiday gift from a certain company with which most of my professional life is entagled … a quite nice Movado desk clock, which was ironic considering I”d been mocking Movado watches only a short while back.

Well, I got a call from the mailroom today saying I had a package, and lo and behold it was yet another gift from my friends out west. And this time they were dead right on.

Nestled inside a little gift box was a (logoed) Swiss Army “Sky King” 128MB Flash drive. Really loyal readers of The Wisdom will recall my piece about how cool the the Swiss Bit / Sky King is way back in June.

And, yes, it”s the Sky King, so I will not pose a threat to fellow travelers when I head out to L.A. in a couple of weeks (although the 1/4-inch-long ink pen that pops out of it is very dangerous).

The wife and I both have 512MB PNY Attache Flash drives that I picked up on the cheap a couple of months ago, but there”s something to be said for having a spare 128 Megs hanging on your keychain and always with you.

So thanks to my friends out west. Did I mention how much I like that 350Z?

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