Merry Christmas, Motherfuckers!

And then Fonzie was gone …

I know he needed to tell his players in person, and that they were all gone until Christmas Day, but still. Dude, you seriously messed up some Christmas dinners.

Having spent so much time on the road in the past couple of weeks, my feelings about Nick Saban leaving have been colored largely by the Outlaw Country channel on Sirius. Good country music, of course, is all about cheatin” and heartbreak.

My initial reaction was echoed in the sentiments of Ween”s “Piss Up A Rope” (click for lyrics). But that”s a bit harsh.

Instead, I”m thinking Willie Nelson”s “Big Booty” is more in tune with my thoughts of our soon-to-be former coach. To wit:

She said I ain”t gonna fix you no more sausage;
biscuits and gravy on the side
“cause you done said the wrong thing to me baby,
and you can kiss big booty goodbye

Go on and find yourself a skinny woman
something a little more your size
and don”t come back to me a”moanin”
when she cuts you off of burgers and fries

LSU, of course, is Big Booty here. And the Dolphins are the sexy little skinny thing he”s leaving us for.

I hope she”s good in bed, Nick. Because the sexy ones expect you to stay in perfect shape, too. There won”t be any biscuits and gravy for you down there.

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