Pre-Christmas Christmas, 2004

The wife and I got back last night from a quick trip down to Baton Rouge for my family”s traditional pre-Christmas Christmas celebration. Nothing could live up to last year”s pre-Christmas (I highly recommend reading that post; I know I enjoyed it again), and it was a pretty sedate affair.

My folks have moved out of the middle of nowhere in Georgia and now live in the middle of nowhere in Louisiana. So we drove the extra hour up to their new place Friday evening to spend the night. Nice place, but damn it”s in the middle of nowhere.

Driving back to Baton Rouge Saturday morning, we noticed that northbound I-110 was completely shutdown. It looked like some kind of bad wreck had happened, but then I noticed the car sitting up on the wrecker was, in fact, The General Lee. Seems they were shooting a Dukes of Hazzard scene, which I”m sure made the 1,000 or so people being forced off the Interstate happy.

Down in Red Stick we swung over to LSU so I could check out the stadium demolition / construction. Yes, I watch the old new section being town down through LSU”s webcam every day, but there”s no substitute for seeing it live.

I took the picture below from inside the stadium on the east side. No, a sign reading “NOTICE! – Active construction site, positively NO admittance!” does not apply to me.

click the image to get the fullsize glory

The wife and I spent some time on campus and she snapped some “art” shots around the Quad, but the absolute highlight was coming across a group of folks tailgating at the back of the stadium lot across the street from the baseball stadium.

There was, of course, nothing going on that day. I asked one of the guys if they were tailgating the stadium construction project. Nope. He said they are LSU Baseball tailgaters and they were out there because one of the players had graduated on Friday and his family was in from California. So they set up a tailgate (I”m talking full grill setup, drinks, etc.) so they could treat this kid and his family to the full tailgate experience.

Awesome. Not only is LSU one of the few schools where people party hard for baseball, but these guys are such great fans that they come out to the empty parking lot on a cold Saturday to throw a players” family a tailgate.

Geaux Tigers!

Our actual pre-Christmas Christmas was, as I said, pretty uneventful. My sister in Texas had to bail out, so it was just me and the wife, my folks, and my other sister. No pierced nephews, no mullet kids. But some darn fine gumbo.

We went out that night with my boys Scott and Rocket, who were after proof that the wife is in fact as cool as she is. Longtime friends of The Cap”n are rightly skeptical of my ability to have landed a woman of such high quality.

Then we skipped town early Sunday, leaving Baton Rouge at 64 degrees and getting back to Atlanta at 36 degrees.

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