Be careful what you mock …

A little while back the wife and I were watching TV when a Movado commercial came on (must have been CNN, since that”s pretty much all the non-TiFaux TV we watch). I pondered aloud why anyone would want one of those Movado “museum watches”, which I think look like something you”d find at a Tony Montana garage sale:

Then I get in to work this morning to find a box on my desk from a certain company with which most of my professional life is entangled. And inside the box? A Movado “museum” desk clock.

Of course, I”m happy to get holiday schwag from my friends out west, and after eating my way across Louisiana this past weekend, I”m glad it wasn”t cookies. And I”m certainly not going to look a $100+ gift horse in it”s little black-dialed mouth.

And honestly, the think doesn”t offend me. In fact, I kind of like it. I dig the brushed aluminum look, and it makes a handsome addition to my spacious cuboffice.

But I shall not forget the “be careful what you mock” lesson.

Have I mentioned how stupid I think those 350Zs are?

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