A is for Amazon

How about an Internet / Search Engine geek post for a Monday?

Google has rolled out a new experimental service called Google Suggest. As you are entering a search term, their engine makes suggestions on the fly for what you are most likely to be searching for. For example, type “LS” in the box and Google suggests the file “lsass.exe”. I guess more people are looking for that then “LSU”.

Anyway, the suggestions are based not on the total number of results on the web, but on one of Google”s own Al Gore Rhythms that determines the “best” match for what you”re entering. So entering “Ken” brings a suggestion of “Ken Jennings” ahead of “Kenneth Cole” because of his Jeopardy buzz.

Where things get interesting (at least for an Internet / Search geek like myself) are the suggestions for letters of the alphabet. What “owns” the letter “M” in Google”s world today, for instance.

And here we go:

- A is for Amazon
- B is for Best Buy (must be a Christmas season thing)
- C is for CNN
- D is for Dictionary
- E is for eBay
- F is for Firefox (as in the browser – interesting)
- G is for Games (not Google?)
- H is for Hotmail
- I is for Ikea (still more buzz than iPod)
- J is for Jokes (if Jokes beats Jobs, does that mean the economy is doing well?)
- K is for Kazaa
- L is for Lyrics
- M is for Mapquest (not Movies, not Music, not MP3)
- N is for News
- O is for Online Dictionary (hmm, bad spellers abound, no?)
- P is for Paris Hilton (now that”s some good buzz)
- Q is for Quotes
- R is for Recipes (holiday, no doubt)
- S is for Spybot
- T is for Tara Reid (gross)
- U is for UPS (Christmas shipping)
- V is for Verizon (Makes a great gift!)
- W is for Weather
- X is for Xbox
- Y is for Yahoo
- Z is for Zip Codes (also Christmas shipping related)

I”m going to re-run these suggestions from time to time to see how the buzz changes. Obviously the holidays are influencing things right now.

Facinating, isn”t it? No?

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