What would you say to your sister’s killer?

Victim impact statements are a pretty common element of murder trials these days, and while I suppose there”s some value to victims” families in venting their anger, I have to think ultimately getting up in a courtroom to call out the killer leaves family members feeling pretty powerless.

After all, a killer on his way to death row probably doesn”t care too much that a mother will never have grandchildren. He probably would get a kick out of hearing that.

But I like the statement the sister of murdered LSU grad Charlotte Murray Pace made in front of convicted serial killer Derrick Todd Lee before he was whisked away to Angola”s Death Row.

Sam Pace said she was disgusted thinking that Lee??s was the last face her sister saw.

“This time, I”ll be the one watching you die,” Sam Pace said. “I want to watch your expressions when the first cold drop of saline hits your veins.”

After the first chemical enters Lee”s blood stream, Sam Pace told Lee, the second chemical will paralyze his veins and lungs, so that “every cell of your body will be screaming for oxygen.”

The third chemical will cause a massive fatal heart attack, Sam Pace said.

“I”ll be there as you take your last breaths and descend into hell for all eternity,” she said.

Sam went so far as to tour Death Row to get an idea of how her sister”s killer will spend his last hours. And she put him on notice that she”ll be there to watch him die – and that she”ll enjoy it.


I can”t imagine being in Sam”s shoes – although considering Pace lived and was murdered about a quarter-mile from my sister”s house, I very well could be – but it”s great to see she found an angle to not only vent her rage, but to also turn the tables on such a sick bastard.

Lee sentenced to death (The Advocate [the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper.])

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