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All bow to the mighty Pac 10

AAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Texas Tech 43, Cal 31 Yeah, Cal got screwed in the BCS. Texas isn”t a better team. Just five of the Pac 10 teams qualified for bowls this year. Let”s look at the results so far: • Wyoming 24, UCLA 21 (Las Vegas Bowl)• Oregon State 38, Notre Dame 21 (Insight Bowl)• Texas [...]

An Open Letter to Skip Bertman

Dear Skip: Do not hire Bobby Petrino. I have no idea if he”s your first choice, fifth choice or whether you”d even offer him a contract, but please just scratch his name off the list and move on. As I write this, Petrino”s Louisville Cardinals are trailing Boise State by 13 in the Liberty Bowl. [...]

All I can say is "wow

So I”m surfing around at lunch, trying to see if the papers in Louisville have any insight on the Bobby Petrino / LSU dance. And I come across this column: Snakes, not Tigers, would fit Petrino best MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Bobby Petrino slipped — no, slithered — away, his self-made controversy still reeking. The University [...]

Call it karma?

Loyal readers of The Wisdom will no doubt recall that a week or so ago I received a holiday gift from a certain company with which most of my professional life is entagled … a quite nice Movado desk clock, which was ironic considering I”d been mocking Movado watches only a short while back. Well, [...]

Today in LSU coaching news

Houston Nutt is officially out (as expected), Kirk Ferentz is being coy about whether he”s spoken to LSU, Texas gave Mack Brown a new contract, Oklahoma State asked us not to talk to Les Miles (but we did so anyway) and all”s quiet on the Petrino front. So goes another day in LSU”s hunt for [...]

Jesus must be mad at me

I”m heading out to L.A. in a couple of weeks, so I”ve been fishing for things to do while I”m out there. Tragically, not only is there not shite going on while I”m out there, but my favorite Australian guitar heroine / member of my “I can do her” list – Anne McCue – is [...]

The last round of potential coach names (hopefully)

I”d have thought LSU would be beyond the stage of new names popping up in their coach search by now, but that hasn”t seemed to happen yet. So here”s the Wisdom on the latest names: Houston Nutt: I”m not going to waste time evaluating him as a coach, because I don”t see it happening. The [...]

Keeping our ports safe – from trademark infringement

If you pay attention at all to the news, you”ve heard the cries that the U.S. faces a potential terrorism nightmare because we lack the ability to adequately search cargo containers coming into the country for “dirty bombs” and the like. I think the figure thrown around is only 5% of containers are ever searched. [...]

Today’s LSU coach update

Forgive me, non-football fans, but I feel compelled to follow the trail of LSU”s search for Nick Saban”s replacement. Today”s news is that Tuberville is out (thank God), Butch Davis is out (I wouldn”t want a sickly coach who wanted a year off, anyway), we”re serious about Petrino and may be talking to Oklahoma State [...]

Merry Christmas, Motherfuckers!

And then Fonzie was gone … I know he needed to tell his players in person, and that they were all gone until Christmas Day, but still. Dude, you seriously messed up some Christmas dinners. Having spent so much time on the road in the past couple of weeks, my feelings about Nick Saban leaving [...]

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