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God (Gee-odd) – think about it!

In researching current events for last night”s U-Joint Trivia match (we led going in to the final question but ended up in second because somebody knew too much about presidents – we think they were cheating), I decided to learn more about Yasser Arafat. One question I thought might come up was “what does Yasser [...]

Deal with the devil?

I find myself today considering the ridiculous; contemplating the absurd; evaluating the ludicrous; pondering the preposterous … I”m thinking about getting cable TV. Yep, cable. Ditching my Dish, as they say. Signing on to have Satan himself (as represented by any and all local monopoly cable companies) deliver my in-home visual entertainment. I have a [...]

Doctor Jessica Pivik strikes again

OK, I”m more convinced now that Jessica Pivik is taking herself seriously (or maybe just using her column to research her own personal issues). Her column in this week”s LSU Reveille is another “exploration” of medical issues rather than a (poor) attempt at shocking sexual humor. Rather than bore you with a link to her [...]

Well that didn’t last long

My flirtation with Satan (aka Comcast) lasted just about 90 minutes. While waiting for the wife to wrap up at work, I gave the friendly folks at Comcast a call to answer some questions left open by their less-than-informative website. My experience went as follows: Call 1: Ignoring the prompt to “enter the phone number [...]

Looks like I picked the wrong week to poke fun at Christians

OK, in case you didn”t get the joke, my bit yesterday about swearing off my beloved Makers Mark and LSU football was meant as a commentary on the power of “moral Christians” in government now that they got W re-elected. Somewhere down the road, people like me who don”t believe in Jesus and mock “Christians” [...]

Seeking spiritual guidance

With the wife out of town this weekend, I have been looking for a spiritual and meaningful way to spend my time. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find many Christian events (outside of Sunday services, of course) going on this weekend, so I began to wonder what Jesus” plan is for me. Then the [...]

Glory be to our Great Christian Protector

I have seen the error of my ways, and I give myself to thee, Great Christian Protector. I once was lost, but now am found. No longer shall I bathe in the sin of whiskey. My house of worship shall no longer be Tiger Stadium, but a suitable Christian sanctuary. My thoughts shall focus on [...]

What’s up with CNN?

OK, so the wife and I have post-election coverage on this morning. I think everybody knows that CNN is refusing to call Ohio for Bush, but in flipping around, we noticed that even discounting Ohio, CNN has a different elector count than the other networks. So I went online and checked out the red/blue maps. [...]

Blow me – I voted!

I spent a full hour at the polling place this morning in order to vote. And, if polls are to be believed, the only real meaningful vote I may have cast was against the Jesus-lovers” anti-gay-marriage amendment here in Georgia. And that”ll probably pass anyway. If not for the responsibility I feel to stand up [...]

Cincinnati’s crazy for Cornhole

That”s right. Hard-working, steadfast Ohioans can”t get enough of the cornhole. In fact, the cornhole craze is catching on across America. Looking to get into cornhole? a Google Search is a good place to start. And if you want to see some folks enjoying cornhole, a Google Image Search can be quite helpful. IMPORTANT NOTE: [...]

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