Cap’n Ken answers your search questions

I haven”t done this in a while, but some recent search queries bringing folks to The Wisdom are too good not to answer.

how to make starbucks pumpkin scones – 1) Find a Starbucks; 2) Ask for a Pumpkin Scone; 3) Pay the person at the counter. Come on, people, they”re like $1.85 or something. NOTE: You may have to visit several Starbucks to actually find a Pumpkin Scone. Fortunately, there should be at least 10 Starbucks within a mile of where you are right now.

Debra Lafave – Has she become a hot topic again? The Wisdom is being overrun with visits from people seeking the hot, student-doing teacher. I”d still do her.

Nick Saban – Yes, he”ll be talked about as a NFL coach. No, he”s still not Jewish, and yes, he”s still sexy.

barbie is a tribute to whom or inspires from which – My, what good grammar. But might I suggest a more direct approach. Perhaps +barbie +named +after at Google will return your desired result.

pivik “mad cow” – For the record, I have never referred to Jessica Pivik as a “mad cow” or as a “troutmouth” (that was another blog). I prefer “untalented J-school student”.

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