Do you believe?

I have a mental list of questions I always want to ask people who say they are Christians. It”s essentially a test of logic. If someone professes to believe something but their actions or specific beliefs contradict the larger doctrine, my opinion is that they are not actually believers.

But this post isn”t about Christianity. It”s about the TSA.

When the stories came out yesterday about women objecting to being felt up at airport security, I hoped it would spur some actual debate over whether these kinds of “security” measures actually make air travel any safer. That doesn”t seem to be happening.

On CNN this morning, Soledad O”Brien interviewed one of the women who”s considering a lawsuit against the TSA. The woman described the “breast-exam” patdowns as “another erosion of our rights in the name of airline security.”

Soledad responded with the typical “yeah, but don”t you want to be safe?” kind of reasoning. And that”s where the debate usually ends.

So I”m working on a logic test for people who believe our post-9/11 airport security measures make us “safer”. But first, I need to find out who believes this.

And while my bits on the TSA and airline security rarely ever draw any comments (or, I have to assume, any reader interest), please take a minute to drop a Wisecrack if you do believe – even a little – that the TSA is making America safer. Or feel free to ignore this altogether and await my piece on our switch from Charmin to Cottonelle.

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