Something at LSU more pointless than Jessica Pivik

One of my Baton Rouge operatives tipped me to an article in the LSU Reveille this morning about the Student Senate being unhappy with Jessica Pivik”s column.

It seems the SGA is questioning their funding of The Reveille because of Jessica.

This is apparently the latest in a flurry of debate down at LSU about whether Jessica”s “shocking” column has a place in a campus newspaper.

It absolutely doesn”t, but not because of what it deals with. Jessica Pivik”s column has no place in The Reveille because it”s bad. Very bad. She”s a horrible writer, and her pieces are little more than lifted snippets of Google searches.

But the Jessica Pivik “controversy” isn”t what I want to focus on here, because this article brings to the surface the one thing at LSU that”s even more ridiculous than Jessica.

Student government.

LSU”s SGA – like those at pretty much any high school or college – is a pointless exercise that does little more than pad the resumes of the people involved.

[editor"s note: For those of you who may feel that things such as "Student Senate - Arts & Sciences College" make an impression on a resume, you"re wrong. Get a job that"s related to what you want to do. That"s what matters. No employer gives a damn whether you were involved in student government, 4H, Meals on Wheels or anything like that. It just makes you look like an untalented suck-up.]

LSU held its student government elections last month, and the SGA types were thrilled that turnout was up 350 percent! Of course, with 4,700 out of 31,500 students voting, that”s still just 15% of students giving a damn, but I guess it beats the regular 3% turnout.

I could go through all the things that make student government so ridiculous (pointless resolutions about things that won”t change, etc.), but instead, let”s have some fun with the LSU SGA.

First off, I love that the SGA has “Executive”, “Legislative” AND “Judicial” branches. Did you know that Roe v. Wade originated as a case heard by the LSU SGA Supreme Court? No? That”s because it didn”t.

Second, they feel the need to have an Executive Staff. Like it”s The West Wing or something. “Chief of Staff”? Give me a break. And click on that link above and scroll down to the very bottom. Check out the “Minority Affairs” dude. Crawford Leavoy? That”s the whitest boy I”ve ever seen.

Third, check out the rundown of The Student Senate. a) thanks for showing up at picture day, everybody! b) notice how the seats in Graduate School and the Veterinary School are essentially unfilled. Serious students have better things to do.

And finally – let”s give it up for Tiger “Pride”, Indeed!. Daniel is the kid who apparently helps Coach Saban recruit gay players. And now he”s won a “half seat” (whatever that is) in the Senate. Good to see the Republicans didn”t get a clean sweep on that whole “anti gay” platform.

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