God (Gee-odd) – think about it!

In researching current events for last night”s U-Joint Trivia match (we led going in to the final question but ended up in second because somebody knew too much about presidents – we think they were cheating), I decided to learn more about Yasser Arafat.

One question I thought might come up was “what does Yasser mean?”, so I started searching around for that. The site that popped up first at Google amused me to no end, so I figure I”ll share.

It”s entitled “It”s All in the Name” and found at a site called RaptureReady.com. Yes, a Jesus freak. I recommend a full read of the piece, which looks to draw pro- and anti-Jesus ties to people based on their names, when you have some spare time, but here are just a few highlights:

• Darwin (Dare win) promoted the Theory of Evil ution

• Saddam Hussein (Sad damned Huss ein–we refer to a hussy as a whore in the English language)

• Mohammed, also spelled Mohammad (Mo ham mad) Ham being unclean (Mohammed died from pneumonia and was allegedly married to a nine year old girl. He also murdered many people. Ironically, Muslims don”t eat pork, but their supposed prophet has the unclean name within his own name)

• Javier Solana: Foreign Minister for the EU. Solana means “sun” and he could very well be the counterfeit “Son” or the Antichrist. The “number of his name” being 666 could mean that his first, middle, and last names all have six letters. He is the only European leader whose first and last names have six characters and after an exhaustive research, I still haven”t been able to find out whether or not his middle name has six characters also.

[editor"s note: "exhaustive research" apparently ends after the second Google result, because the third will tell you that his full name is Javier Solana Madariaga - the number of his name is 669!]

• Elijah Cummings: (Coming) is a current Senator in the U.S. Does that mean Elijah is coming as one of the two witnesses?

• Britney Spears: Yes, this is her last name. I think she is a stumbling block of lust for many men. Recently kissed Madonna on MTV.

• Ellen DeGeneres (Degenerate): First person to outwardly express her lesbianism on national television.


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