Well that didn’t last long

My flirtation with Satan (aka Comcast) lasted just about 90 minutes.

While waiting for the wife to wrap up at work, I gave the friendly folks at Comcast a call to answer some questions left open by their less-than-informative website. My experience went as follows:

Call 1: Ignoring the prompt to “enter the phone number of the location where you want service” (never trust Satan with your personal information), I was finally connected through to a customer rep. After declining to give him my address, he asked me to hold for a moment. After five minutes on hold, I hung up.

Call 2: I again did not enter a phone number when prompted. I was then connected through to a customer rep, who picked up the line and promptly hung it back up without saying a word.

Call 3: Once again ignoring the prompt, I get a third customer rep who didn”t seem too troubled by my refusal to tell him who I am. He did, however, tell me he wouldn”t be able to help me much if I didn”t give him my address (from the website, I learned that I am in the “Central Atlanta” zone, but that was apparently not helpful to him). But he didn”t hang up on me, so I guess that”s a plus.

And so it was on to the questions -

Q: What”s the deal with the $400 for switching from Dish?
A: It”s credited as $25 a month for 16 months, as long as you have a plan that includes a premium movie channel. There”s no contract, but if you cancel, you get no more $25 credits.

Fair enough. I didn”t figure they were going to send me $400 cash.

Q: Is the $9.95 introductory Internet offer valid along with the $400 Dish deal?
A: Yes. It”s $9.95 for two months, then $42.95 a month. And you can either lease a modem for $3 a month or buy it.

Q: I saw an offer online for a free “self install” kit. Does that include the modem?
A: No.

My free “self-install” kit for EarthLink DSL included the DSL modem. I”d kind of assumed that”s what Comcast would give me, too.

Q: Then what, exactly, is in the free “self install” kit?
A: A cable and the software.

Q: That”s not much of a “kit”. So I either have to lease or buy a cable modem?
A: Yes.

Q: The DVR/HDTV offer shows a monthly price of $9.95. Is that just the equipment lease, or does that also include the regular HDTV charge of $5 a month?
A: It includes the $5 fee, so $9.95 is the total cost.

Hmm. Promising.

Q: What”s the fee for an extra digital box that”s a DVR and a non-DVR one?
A: An extra digital box is $4.80 a month, and an extra DVR is $9.95 a month, so that”s $14.75.

Q: Digital box and DVR? What do you mean?
A: They are two separate boxes.

Q: Wait, it”s not a tuner with DVR built in? It”s two boxes?
A: Yes.

This has just become considerably less attractive. $14.75 a month to get DVR in the bedroom?

Q: I see that you use the Motorola HD DVR. Is this the DCT6412 – the one with two tuners and a 120 gig hard drive?
A: No. It”s a single tuner.

Q: Do you offer the two-tuner one?
A: Not yet.

Q: So you”re going to?
A: Oh yes! Probably around February.

Another non-negotiable requirement is two tuners.

Q: OK, tell me about installation. How much does it cost?
A: It”s $14.99 for a basic installation on up to three TVs. And the DVR installation is $29.50.

Q: DVR installation?
A: Yes. The technician has to install the DVR.

Q: But it”s just a box. By “install”, do you mean hook it up to the cable box?
A: Yes.

Q: And that costs $29.50?
A: Yes.

Q: And that”s a required cost? I can”t hook it up myself?
A: Yes, that”s required.

And this was the end of the call.

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