Looks like I picked the wrong week to poke fun at Christians

OK, in case you didn”t get the joke, my bit yesterday about swearing off my beloved Makers Mark and LSU football was meant as a commentary on the power of “moral Christians” in government now that they got W re-elected. Somewhere down the road, people like me who don”t believe in Jesus and mock “Christians” may be in for a world of trouble once the Jesus crowd gets Ralph Reed elected president.

But I don”t have to straighten up quite yet, right? I mean it”s not like the FBI is already monitoring The Wisdom – just two days after Bush”s victory.

Well …

Checking out my fly new stats tool today, I found this visitor entry:

“ISP – Law Enforcement Online – Fbi”

I kid you not.

With a little digging, I found out that Law Enforcement Online (“LEO” in charming federal government language) is an Intranet set up by the FBI that is used by law enforcement types nationwide.

It”s not necessarily an FBI agent checking in on The Wisdom, but some cop somewhere found some reason to visit (he started at the old site, so I don”t know exactly what kind of Google search got him here).

So hello, officer! If it makes you feel any better, not a whole lot of people read The Wisdom. So when you all start rounding up “immoral” bloggers, The Cap”n should be a low priority.

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