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Cap’n Ken answers your search questions

I haven”t done this in a while, but some recent search queries bringing folks to The Wisdom are too good not to answer. • how to make starbucks pumpkin scones – 1) Find a Starbucks; 2) Ask for a Pumpkin Scone; 3) Pay the person at the counter. Come on, people, they”re like $1.85 or [...]

Blue State of mind

The consumers among you no doubt realize last Friday was “Black Friday” – the infamous shopping frenzy that is the day after Thanksgiving. TV news was filled with images of people lined up outside Wal-Mart at 5 a.m. and crowds mobbing displays of discount DVD players to snap up the deals. And from Saturday on, [...]

Do you believe?

I have a mental list of questions I always want to ask people who say they are Christians. It”s essentially a test of logic. If someone professes to believe something but their actions or specific beliefs contradict the larger doctrine, my opinion is that they are not actually believers. But this post isn”t about Christianity. [...]

TSA security reminder

Lest you forget, this is the reality of airport “security” in the U.S.: It seems some women are getting tired of being groped in the name of “security”. Good for them.

Back in business

Loyal readers of The Wisdom will notice that both my place and the wife”s shop have gone update-less since last Wednesday. I”ll leave it up to her if she wants to fill the world in on what was up, but suffice it to say we had a sudden change of plans. I didn”t end up [...]

Some justification for picking DishDVR over TiVo

Whatever happened to TiVo being the champion of personal freedom and choice in television viewing? Apparently the company is rolling out a “feature” that will insert ads on the screen when you are fast-forwarding (through commercials, most likely). TiVo is also looking at ways to enable eCommerce through your TV and generally squeeze as much [...]

Kings of Leon – direct from Memphis … I mean Nashville .. I mean Los Angeles … I mean London

I was pleased as punch to come home last night to find the new Kings of Leon album “Aha Shake Heartbreak” in my mailbox. If you don”t know the Kings, they are a band of brothers (and a cousin) who grew up in and around Memphis and traveled the South with their dad (Leon), who [...]

You funny man, Brown Boy

OK, I”m not in the habit of posting entries that just link off to things I find amusing, but this kills me. That Yellow Bastard and The Mexican on UGA football. [editor"s note: This is the kind of blinding wit that fills our table at U-Joint Trivia and often keeps us from thinking enough about [...]

The BCS truth

Man, I loved seeing Auburn spank Georgia yesterday (and of course I loved seeing LSU whack “Bama). And as an SEC West homer, I like that ESPN is now questioning whether Auburn should be ranked ahead of Oklahoma and get a shot at the Orange Bowl. So, as a public service, I set out tonight [...]

Something at LSU more pointless than Jessica Pivik

One of my Baton Rouge operatives tipped me to an article in the LSU Reveille this morning about the Student Senate being unhappy with Jessica Pivik”s column. It seems the SGA is questioning their funding of The Reveille because of Jessica. This is apparently the latest in a flurry of debate down at LSU about [...]

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