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Jessica Pivik, please come to the Dean’s office

You know, I make fun of Jessica Pivik for lifting the “sources” for her pointless sex column from Google searches, but reading her column this morning, I was struck with a question: Is Jessica guilty of academic misconduct because of her plagiarism? The LSU Code of Conduct cites as a specific example of “Academic Misconduct”: [...]

Jon Stewart – Tucker Carlson melee

Over at That Yellow Bastard this morning, Jimmy was praising Jon Stewart for dressing down Tucker Carlson on CNN”s Crossfire. I have to admit, I”d heard nothing about it (the wife”s sister and boyfriend were in town this weekend). So I went out and found the transcript at I”m presenting the Stewart segment below [...]


My buddy Dave emailed me yesterday with what seemed to me to be a really stupid question: “Hey, do you think LSU still has a shot to play in the SEC Championship?” My reply – Um, no. [editor"s note: Football analysis follows. Ladies, please feel free to leave the room at this point.] We lost [...]

Shameless plug

Looking to get my hands on new search tools, so I”m linking through to a site offering me a free X1 desktop search app.

Where the hell is everybody?

The wife and I (yes, we carpool) heading out for work at our regular time this morning, but apparently we”re the only ones going to work today. We crossed over I-20 on our sneaky back way to the Downtown Connector, and cars were just zipping along. Then we get on the Connector, and you”d have [...]

And here I thought I was being the superfan

Next weekend”s LSU game (vs. Troy) is the first one I”ll be able to get to in Baton Rouge this year, so I”m determined to make it down. It should have been easy – take off Friday and drive down to B.R. after work Thursday night. But then the monkey wrench: a work trip to [...]

The debate hasn’t even started – and I’m already pissed off

The last presidential debate is about to start, and just watching the pre-game show has me pissed off. On CNN, there”s a bunch of morons holding up signs behind the talking heads outside the debate arena. The cameras captured this image (courtesy video capture from the LG): It”s kind of hard to make out, but [...]

Tales from The Swamp

Well, it looks like Jessica Pivik has taken the week off again (maybe she”s bi-monthly now), so my wrapup of the Gainesville trip will round out my Monday offerings. Needless to say, LSU dominated Florida. The 24-21 score didn”t quite reflect that, because we handed the Crocs 14 points early. But we looked good, and [...]

Peer pressure

Friends of The Cap”n and loyal readers of The Wisdom know I”m somebody who likes my toys. But I”ve found an interesting pattern over the years – I tend to buy pretty cool stuff that”s somehow not quite the same thing everybody else has. Examples include: • The TiFaux – I think I was pretty [...]


I shouldn”t have watched the Vice Presidential debate tonight (just like I shouldn”t read Rolling Stone). That smug little talking haircut (John Edwards) just makes me ill. He talks so sweet and so passionately, I think most people just skip past the meaning of what he says. But TiFaux and the Internet are great tools [...]

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