GTA San Andreas

The wife and I busted the seal on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas last night, and as she mentioned, Lieberman is going to freak.

With about two hours of gameplay under my belt, I”ve discovered the following:

• The dialogue (Samuel Jackson is among the voice talent) goes way out of its way to drop F-bombs whenever possible.

• The soundtrack features every rap song ever released that has F-bombs in it.

• It”s much easier and more fun to kill people in San Andreas.

• A “pimping” mission has been added.

• Hidden in the bathroom of one of the police stations is a huge, purple, two-headed dildo.

So here”s my prediction – after the election is done (which could be mid-December considering this “provisional ballot” nonsense), Lieberman will come down hard on the language and violence, and Jesse Jackson will decry the portrayal of African-Americans in the game.

And it”ll sell twice as many copies as Vice City.

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